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So you want to submit an article?

Before you do, please read our Article Submission Guidelines!  We accept articles suitable for all ages of all ages. BUT, the article must be appropriate for the readers of DCY~Opp Magazine–OUR YOUTH. We do not offer any compensation, financial or otherwise for articles submitted and/or published in our magazine online or printed.

We love articles about children, child development, education, recipes for young people, teen and kids fashions, youth issues, games, high school sports, and outstanding youth! Maybe you want to review a play, a movie, or a concert! We welcome your original well-written, grammatically correct articles. But, we cannot guarantee we will use them. DEADLINES ARE THE 14TH DAY OF EACH MONTH. PLEASE email us at to verify there are no changes to the deadline.

If you are ages 4-11, you can sign up for the Youth Advisory Board (YAB). You won’t be a member or affiliate of DCY~Opp, but you will be in our database for opinion polls, or product sampling, AND you can always submit an original article, artwork or photograph for consideration!

If you are youth ages 7-17, we invite you to apply to our Academy!  You’ll be among Metro-Detroit’s top student writers, bloggers, artists, photographers, and reporters.

To Submit an Article…

This Assignment of Copyright must be returned to us with your article(s), signed and completed by you and a parent (for minors). You can submit your article here.

For more information, please email us at or