Junior Advertising Representative Program (J.A.R.P.)

What is JARP?



The OPPortunity for YOUth to earn income with us!

DCY~Opp Magazine is offering metro Detroit youth an avenue to earn their own funds, while learning the advertising business. As a Junior Ad Rep, you can earn your own funds 1, 2 or 3 ways!

  1. Become a Junior Advertising Sales Rep (high school students only) and earn 10% of all the sales you make
  2. Participating in our 7-41 Challenge where you (or your team) earn 45% of money raised.
  3. Create a unique hashtag with 313 in it. You earn 15% when your hashtag is used in an ad sale.

As a member of JARP, you can take participate in 1 or all 3 ways!

Guidelines as a Junior Advertising Sales Rep (high school students only):

  • You (and a parent/guardian) contact leads (businesses or business owners) who you think would advertise in “Detroit City Youth Opportunities Magazine”.
  • We will supply you with your Advertising Sales Rep folder with the necessary information.
  • Once your lead confirms they want an ad, they will complete the Pre-Reservation Form, submit the completed form to DCY~Opp , and we will finalize the deal.
  • Once your client’s ad is published in the magazine, you will receive 10% of the sale you made!!

Guidelines for The 7-41 Challenge:

  • You and/or your team (you create your team from family/friends/club members, etc.) have 7 Days to get 41 names of individuals with a contribution of $1.00 or more on each line of their form(s). You will be given a sheet for sponsors (make copies), and Kicker Promo Cards to carry out this 7 Day Challenge.
  • The names must be CLEARLY printed on each line with the amount they give to you.
  • At the end of 7 Days, you (and a parent) will submit all forms and funds collected. Immediately, you are given 45% of monies raised.

Guidelines for the Youth Hashtag Promo Code Campaign

  • Create a unique hashtag which identifies you with the number “313” anywhere in it.
  • Write your name on a poster sized board and decorate it. (See examples on our website)
  • Create a 60 second video (your phone video is acceptable) showing the hashtag you created and telling Detroit about DCY-Opp Magazine and reasons to advertise in it. Explain they must use your Hashtag as their Promo Code when purchasing an ad.
  • You MUST send the video to DCY-Opp for approval before posting on sites, or you will forfeit your payment if a sale is made.
  • After approval, we will post the vid on our social media site, and you can send them out on your own platforms and share them with potential businesses.
  • If a business uses your hashtag as their promo code, you will receive 15% for each sale using your Hashtag Promo Code.
  • The hashtag promo campaign’s compensation is not in conjunction with the Ad Sales Rep. compensation. It is totally separate. This is considered additional income.

All Participants of DCY~Opp’s JARP must become members of the Youth Advisory Board (YAB).


If you’re ready, email us at: vpdcyoppmagazine@gmail.com!

We’ll send an application to you… Want more info?

Call us at 313-451-4307