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Our growth has been in response to the needs of the young people involved in the Academy. Our website provides a glimpse of our young people at work. To offer them all that they need and deserve we need the following:

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Here is a sample of our youth at work “on location”.

Kimora R., at age 13 interviweing playes prior to the Big 3 Basketball event.

Kenndall W., youth producer and Teens in the D team member produced a mini-documentary

A Word from One of the Youth…

Madison P. , age 16 was our youth co-editor: “I believe youth need DCY~Opp academy for exposure. In the inner-city, children are more often than not exposed to crime, violence and the street, rather than journalism, writing and public speaking. We, as youth are growing up in a world where we no longer have a voice in our community. I believe the Academy will provide a safe open space for children who are willing to learn public speaking and journalism and to become a voice of Detroit.”



We offer journalism/broadcast students who are majoring in journalism volunteer opportunities to teach, mentor and work alongside our young people to create a true journalism experience, including broadcasting their own variety show production and a bi-monthly magazine.


We value the youth within our community, and in addition to offering experience, opportunity and mentorship in a safe space, it is our desire to kickstart their educational journey with scholarships in the fields of journalism, broadcast, and communication. Our goal is to strengthen each youth who participates in the Academy academically with financial support and enrichment.


Our growth has been in response to the needs of the young people involved in the Academy. Our website provides a glimpse of our young people at work. To offer them all that they need and deserve we need the following:

$$$ For RENTAL SPACE is needed for the youth to meet and work on producing and publishing



❖ $$$ Your financial contributions will assist in sustaining our program & equipment purchases & maintenance

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Your financial support will kickstart the production of our youth magazine and secure the official launch of The Academy. As a Business or Community Leader, we hope you will agree to support this invaluable endeavor!

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In late 2017, two community organizers who have been friends for more than 20 years collaborated to develop an idea to keep families and youth abreast of available youth-related opportunities, events and activities in Metro-Detroit in the form of a digital and print magazine. The goal was to highlight the accomplishments of youth in the pages of the magazine and to serve as a directory of opportunities for young people.

That idea blossomed into an opportunity to expose youth and children to journalism and broadcasting early in their lives, with a keen awareness that women and minorities are underrepresented in this profession. As the idea developed, a comprehensive program for youth ages 11-17 focusing on improving literacy, strategic partnerships with journalism students and professionals evolved. The search began to find talented and untapped talented youth with an interest in exploring journalism and broadcast or who aspire to become a journalist. The quest was to become the region’s premier platform providing our youth with a safe space to use their voice–DCY~OPP MAGAZINE & THE ACADEMY.

At the Academy, youth can gain a solid understanding of the mass communications field by pursuing their own area of concentration (track) for the entire program. All tracks will include professionally led lectures and hands-on media. Each track — advertising, broadcast, or journalism — will include relevant field excursions related to journalism. The student members work toward an end goal-the production of our magazine and a video production.


  • Writing Feature Articles
  • History of Journalism
  • Journalism Law and Ethics
  • Interviewing
  • Newswriting, including News-Gathering (learning to find newsworthy content by researching, gathering stories, fact-finding, etc)
  • Copywriting & Treatments
  • Photojournalism & Caption Writing
  • Immersive Journalism (storytelling through photos, video, audio)
  • Community Reporting (youth sharing the news of their immediate community in their voice)
  • Sports Writing
  • Blogs and Social Media in Journalism
  • Opinion Writing
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Investigative Reporting
  • Advanced Feature Writing
  • Alternative Story Forms
  • Advertising Sales, Promotion & Marketing
  • Video Production & Documentary Formats, including editing, sound, and graphics
  • Teens in the D


Layout, Sales, and Marketing High school students will assist in ad layouts, sales (and earn a commission) and gain experience just like advertising professionals by identifying market needs, selecting the right target audience, and discovering the power of effective headlines and taglines.

Topics include:

  • Who’s the Customer? Audience Identification
  • Layouts
  • Maintaining Client Confidence & Closing the Sale
  • Budgeting Your EarningsFinancial Workshop (tailored for students to manage monies earned from commission sales)

Broadcasting, our members will learn how the professionals utilize methods to produce shows and documents, learn shooting techniques, and production editing techniques to shape a production.

These are some of the topics you will cover:

  • The Film Creation Process
  • Filming & Production Techniques
    • Includes — Editing / Sound Design / Graphics
  • Interviews & Hosting — Creating an Interview for a Documentary or talk show format

Journalism, you will learn how journalists produce and deliver ethical information through the lens of current events by formulating questions, generating articles, and utilizing smart devices as tools for mass delivery.

Topics include:

  • Viewing the World through the Lens of Current Events
  • New Advancements and Historical Perspectives in Journalism
  • Applications of Journalism
  • Modern Journalism: The Rise of Social Media
  • Journalism in Action — Creating Feature Stories

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That’s our story! We hope that we can count on you!


Please contact us for more information on sponsorship and donations at 313-451-4307.